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Pediatric Therapy Clinic Opening New Butte Location

Parents who have a child with autism or other diagnosis now have new resources in Butte. Pediatric Therapy Clinic, which also has locations in Anaconda, Bozeman, and Billings, is opening a new clinic located at 1810 Harrison Avenue.

Pediatric Therapy Clinic offers both Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for children with autism as well as speech therapy for children with speech and/or language difficulties, apraxia, impairments with social interaction, and difficulties with reading to name a few, Our speech pathologist also has extensive helping children who have feeding and swallowing difficulties.  Pediatric Therapy Clinic is hoping to add occupational and physical therapy in the near future. 

“At Pediatric Therapy Clinic, we provide individualized, intensive treatment for children of all ages and diagnoses,” says Kim Piper, M.A., BCBA, LBA, Clinical Director and Board Certified Behavior Analyst. “We tailor sessions based on a child’s needs. Communication, social skills, independent living skills, school preparedness, and play skills can be worked on in a variety of environments within the clinic.

We can also go into schools if insurance and the school district allow it,” says Piper. “The social environment of the school, learning to make transitions from class to class, and participating with other kids are all positive learning opportunities. Speech therapy for children at both our Butte and Anaconda locations for children who have speech or language difficulties, and we anticipate adding additional therapies in the future.”

According to Piper, there are nine registered behavior technicians, or RBT’s, who have undergone the extensive training and supervision required to properly offer ABA therapies. Children are paired with specific RBT’s based on personalities, skill levels and strengths. In addition to time in the clinic, children go on community-based field trips when possible, although the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted those opportunities this year.

Pediatric Therapy Clinic offers help and training for parents at its location at 608 East Park Avenue in Anaconda and will also offer it in the new Butte location. 

“Parents who receive an autism diagnosis for the child need a lot of support,” says Piper. ABA allows us to provide them with that support by going into their home, having them come to the clinic, and/or meeting them in the community on a weekly basis. We can help them understand why their child is behaving in a certain way and provide them with the tools to reduce an unwanted behavior by replacing it with a more appropriate behavior, such as communication.”  She notes that many of these behaviors occur when a child has no way to communicate. Pediatric Therapy Clinic works with their speech therapist to determine the best communication modality for the child and then help the family learn that modality.

“Parents who learn their children have autism need a lot of support,” says Piper. We’re able to provide them that support not only in our clinic, but also at their homes or in the community. Our goal is to help them why their child is behaving a certain way and provide them tools to reduce unwanted behaviors by replacing them with more positive behaviors.”

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